Sunday, August 29, 2010

Theme- Apathy


Citizen are unconcern about death and war, people are absorbed in their own lives and are not concerned about other people. Citizens are generally apathetic towards life and death, and also towards war. The police in the society do not care about the safety of their citizens, allowing them to speed.

"ride in the jet cars when they race on the edge of the town at nidnight and the police do not care as long as they are insured."

People are emotionless towards treating patients in danger. This can be seen during the Mildred overdose of sleeping pills. This suggest that they are nonchalant and passive about death.
"Standing straight over her, not bent with concern but standing straight"
"You take out the old and put in the new and you will be okay"

Citizens are unconcerned about the war Mrs. Phelps is not concerned and not worried by the fact that her husband might be killed in the war.

"I'll let Pete do all the worrying"
"No tear nothing like that"

Mildred simply forget to tell Montag that Clarisse is dead and after telling Montag Mildred was "sing under her breath"

People are too absorbed in their own lives to care about the other people.
Montag once complaint "it's been a long time since anyone care enough to ask." and "nobody listens anymore"
Shows that the society is apathetic about everything, everything except themselves and entertainment. They only care about themselves and are stoic towards the plight of others.

"I 've had two children...I plunk the children in school 9 out of 10 days."

Citizen unfeeling towards each other.

"Either shouting or dancing around like wild and or beating upon one another and they go to a fun park to bully people around"

They are unfeeling and could not care less.

"it's fun out in the country. You hit rabbits, sometimes you hit dogs"

Mildred, and the other citizen like to distress at the expense of other living things, showing apathy towards life and death towards other living things.

Government create apathy in the society throught the use of technology to make people conformist and undulge in a meaningless life.

"toast popped out of the silver toaster, was served by a spidery metal handful and drenched it with melted butter"

Uses palor walls and seashells to brainwash people.

"there have been no nights in the last two year she had not swum in that sea"

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